Generation Finance
the Community for Current and Future Finance and Accounting Leaders

Welcome to Generation Finance: the community for current and future finance and accounting leaders, powered by Tipalti. This group is just getting started, but we have big aspirations. If you’re looking to nurture or be part of the next generation of finance and accounting professionals, you have a place here. We’re focused on enriching your career and those of just starting on their paths to becoming tomorrow’s finance leaders. Check back often.

All are welcome to be a part of our community. The only requirement is that you are currently in or want to be in a career that spans accounting, finance, treasury, or related disciplines.

Gain access to

  • The comradery of likeminded peers and leaders in finance and accounting
  • Live learning sessions, events, roundtables, coffee-talks, AMAs
  • An invitation to our year-end close event
    CPE credits for attending events
  • Gen-F swag
  • Our member portal to connect with others (coming soon)

Statement of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B)

Finance and accounting as disciplines express fundamental fiscal truth—and it tries to do it without bias. As a community, we aim to do the same.

The great advantage of our community being formed in 2022 is that DEIB is foundational to our mission and structure. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, neurodiversity, and sexual orientation, you are welcome here. Your unique voices and experiences make us stronger and more whole.

In exchange, we need our members to be vocal. We are all a work-in-progress, and we cannot expect everyone to know every context. We need you individually to share, encourage others, learn from each other, and recruit when there’s an opportunity.

But by all means, come as you are. We’ll make room.

While Tipalti is underwriting all costs and managing the infrastructure for building the community, we are explicitly not going to discuss our products. This is our promise:

  • No “technology stack best practices.” 
  • No “how to pick a vendor” content. 
  • No “why your organization needs automation.” 

If you see this happening at any of our events, flag it, and we’ll donate $100 to a scholarship fund.

This community is not about our company. It’s about the role of the finance and accounting professional as it relates to their career and organization. We strive to make every event valuable to you where you’ll either learn something or make a difference in someone else’s career. Questions or comments? Your feedback drives this community. We want your voice to shape us.